Course Leaders - PA Access All Areas

 Marryl Futerman

Merryl Futerman

Merryl’s background was in film and publishing PR, where she discovered she was good at looking after people and organising them. Wanting to use these skills and experience for individuals in the long term, rather than on a project by project basis, 15 years ago she set about finding what she thought was a made up job. Coincidentally she had just had her second daughter and resolved to find a way to combine working with motherhood.

Her first client was, and still is, Julian Clary, she has also worked for Jonathan Ross, Anne Robinson and Denise Van Outen amongst others, with a maximum of 3 clients at one time, for between three months and three years. By being freelance she tailors her client load according to what is going on at home, and this arrangement has worked well. She loves the fact that no two days are ever the same and gets up in the morning with absolutely no idea of what challenge that day might throw her.

Merryl has blogged for a variety of publications including the Secs in the City website, offering light heart-hearted insights on the life of a Celebrity PA. She has featured in several other publications including The Guardian, PA Life Magazine and London PA Magazine.

In 2012, together with Josephine Green, she set up the training company “PA Access All Areas” to pass on her experience and knowledge to PAs from all industries.

 Josephine Green

Josephine Green

Josephine began her career in music, film and fashion PR. After five years in that industry, she started working as a freelance Personal Assistant in 2003. Within a few months she became PA to Joseph Fiennes. She is still working with him today. Since then, she has continued to add clients to her roster: Emilia Fox in 2004, Alexander Armstrong 2007-2012, Ben Miller 2008-2012 and Miranda Hart in 2010. In addition to this client list, Josephine has also taken on various short term clients and projects.

Josephine has been a resident on Executive PA Magazine’s PA Panel. A page of the magazine dedicated to discussing topical issues affecting PAs and their working worlds. She has appeared in Metro, Executive Secretary Magazine and VA Magazine. She was also a judge for Pitman Training's Super Achiever 2012 Awards. Josephine is a keen Twitterer and a proud dog owner!

Together with Merryl Futerman, Josephine founded “PA Access All Areas”, a training company for PAs from all industries. Courses give an insight into working with powerful people and sharing techniques for being a successful and effective PA while remaining cool, calm and collected.