September 23rd 2016 - Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day will take place on Friday 23 September and we've noticed you haven't yet signed up your workplace to take part. 

By inviting employees to come to work in their jeans in exchange for a small donation of £2, your company will make a difference to more than half a million children in the UK who live with the challenges of a genetic disorder.           

Here are five reasons to hold a Jeans for Genes Day at your workplace:
1.    Jeans for Genes Day is so simple to organise
2.    It's a great way to encourage networking across teams and bring a department, a floor or the whole company together, especially if you hold additional events like a cake bake or end-of-day cocktails.
3.    It can help to raise the profile of your team or your department within your organisation. Highlight your fundraising in your newsletter or annual report.
4.    It can be a great marketing tool to improve your company's visibility in your local community. Invite your local paper to take a photo and shout about your fundraising on your website and social media.
5.    We know from the feedback we have received over the last twenty years that a well organised Jeans for Genes Day can generate a tangible energy and feel-good factor in the workplace.

We want to raise £2 million this year. There are so many affected children who need our continued support and we would love to have you on board to help us reach this target.

Sign up today and ensure your workplace is part of Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 23 September.