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PA Networking & Events

27/09/2016 – London – PA Life Meet Up at Bella Italia Baker Street (Members only)
Join fellow PA Life Club members for an evening of networking and food tasting at Bella Italia Baker Street. To find out more, visit http://palife.co.uk/pa-life-club/

28/09/2016 – London – Executive PA
Breakfast event at the Gherkin – Executive PA readers
For more details visit http://www.executivepa.com/events-directory/reader-events/breakfast-at-the-gherkin-fraedom-networking-event_206.shtml
29/09/2016 – Hampshire – PA Life at The Elvetham Hotel (Members only)
Join fellow PA Life Club members for a show round at The Elvetham, one of Hampshire’s best venues. To find out more, visit http://palife.co.uk/pa-life-club/

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Learning and Development

27/09/2016 - Leeds - Event Management Masterclass
It provides a tried & tested event management road map to plan & execute professional events is full of content, tricks of the trade, checklists, examples and real life anecdotes from 20 years event management experience.

27/09/2016 – London - CILEx Legal Secretary Course - Souters Training
Souters Training Centre, 32 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7DR. We offer CILEX Certificate Courses for Legal Secretaries at Levels 2 and 3, which can follow onto a Diploma status. We can also offer the Diploma in Vocational Paralegal Studies. http://www.souterstraining.com/ilex-courses

29/09/2016 - London - 7 Key Skills of Exceptional 21st Century PAs - Global PA Training Academy
The 7 Key Skills offer you a blueprint for the EA & PA role to benchmark yourself against. Review and assess your abilities in each of the 7 Key Skills. Discover new ways of working, managing your time, increase your emotional intelligence to communicate effectively with leaders, review your contribution within teams, know your brand and Ambassadorial role within your organisation. And a lot more...


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