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PA Networking & Events

27/03/2019 – Manchester - Launch of the MCR PA Awards – Manchester PA Network
Venue: UK Fast, Manchester
Link: https://www.manchesterpanetwork.co.uk/forthcoming-events/

29-30/03/2019 - London - Executive Secretary Live 2019
Venue: Grange City Hotel, London, EC3N 2BQ
More details: http://executivesecretarylive.com/

01/04/2019 – Birmingham – IAM Event with Heather Baker - Emotional Intelligence at Work
Venue: TBA, Birmingham
Link: http://www.instam.org/NewsDetails?id=156

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Learning and Development

28/03/2019 – London - Effective Office Management – Hemsley Fraser
Venue: London
Link: https://www.hemsleyfraser.co.uk/training-courses/pa--secretary-and-administrator

28/03/2019 – London - Executive PA Masterclass - Raising your Game to C-suite Level – Global PA Association
Venue: De Vere Venues, London
Link: http://www.globalpa-association.com/index.php/training-academy/chairman-ceos-executive-pa-masterclass/

03/04/2019 – London - Professional Development for Senior PAs and EAs – Hemsley Fraser
Venue: London
Link: https://www.hemsleyfraser.co.uk/training-courses/pa--secretary-and-administrator

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